our aesthetic

We believe floral designs should be unique; should reflect the personal style of each client; and should not solely focus on the flowers, but rather create an entire environment and ambiance. We love incorporating unusual textures and foliage into everything we create.  We also love big, happy ruffled blooms, herbs and garden-y goodness of all kinds. Of course, no evening event would be complete without lots and lots of candles. You can never have enough candles.



My name is Annette Gomez, I am a floral designer, collector, gardener, mom, wife and friend. To say I love this business is an understatement. The flower industry has been a part of my life for more than thirty years. In fact, were it not for this industry and the frequent trips to my favorite local grower, I would have not met my husband.  Our family has grown over the years to include our three beautiful children and a menagerie of four-legged creatures.

With at least a thousand events under our belt, we have grown our business in a slow organic fashion, one wedding or event at a time and we continue to challenge ourselves with each event to go above and beyond.  

I get my inspiration from the mother earth. I love dirt. If Ina Garten is the Barefoot Contessa, then I am the Barefoot Gardener.  I love to feel the dirt under my feet and in my hands and I spend most of my spare time in the garden tending to my collection of treasures - much of which are used to bring a personal touch to the events we create. It is not unusual for a bride to find orange blossom in her bouquet, or for a client to discover a hidden cluster of herbs in their centerpiece. I find it hard not to bring things from the garden to add to our work.

I love helping our clients discover their own "floral personality."  When meeting with you, I promise to ask lots and lots of questions and to listen. Then I will translate what we discussed into real sights, smells and textures, adding to the style and feel of your event, without overpowering it.  I look forward to helping you discover your personality in flowers, and translating it into a special day you will treasure forever.

Our Crew